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Travelling Family

A boldly coloured peacock mural painted on the side of a building in Sofia Bulgaria.

Sofia Aesthetic

Sofia Bulgaria Aesthetic. Architecture & unique sights of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Venice Aesthetic – Travel Moodboard

Moodboard for architecture and beautiful places in Venice, Italy. Photography of unique and romantic spots. Views of the canals and quiet streets. The incomparable aesthetic of Venice.

A walkway heads into a bright light. Glass lines either side. The area looks like walking through a giant concrete triangle.

Lisbon Aesthetic

Lisbon moodboard. Inspiration and architecture from Lisbon, Portugal.

How We Are Planning a Gap Year In Our 30’s

So this is 30. (Actually 32, but who’s counting?) We have nothing. I have always wanted to live somewhere else. In an ideal world, travel full time. So we talked about it, and the craziest thing about being wildly unsuccessful in your 30’s, is that you have nothing to lose.