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Everyday Life

Inside an indoor botanical garden - Muttart Conservatory. A young girl in a multi-coloured kitty print dress attempts to stand on one foot, beneath an enormous realistic moon model hanging from the ceiling. The glass walls slant towards each other on their way to forming a pyramid. The sun shines in brightly and casts the moon's shadow on the ground and the girl. She looks off past the camera, her long dark hair is pulled back behind her, but some falls on her shoulders. Plants form the rest of the background under the glass walls and roof.

Staycation Ideas That You Haven’t Thought Of

It is looking like another Spring Break and possibly Summer where staycation may be the best option! Whether or not you want to vacation at home this year, there is still plenty of opportunity to plan some fun and adventure in your own city.

The One Secret To Fitness Success

Does any of this sound like you? I wanted to exercise to be skinny, and would give up when it wasn’t going to happen. Similarly, I wanted to lose weight and would give up when the scale didn’t move

A woman's lower leg and foot sit on a rocky outcrop above the waves. The sun is low in the sky and shines off the water.

How To Cope When You Are Struggling

I have been through some trauma in the last few years that left me depressed, anxious, and unable to even think clearly. I didn’t know how I was going to get up in the morning, let alone survive with only the prospect of another day just like it on the horizon.

A woman stands alone on a field of ice and snow, in front of an open grey sky.

How to Calm Down When Life Is Out Of Control

This will not be me whispering “Self-care…” disingenuously in your ear as you struggle to cope with the basics. I know that there is no struggle like the struggle with no escape. “Taking a break” isn’t always an option, especially not in the moment, so these are things you can do wherever you may be.