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Tik Tok Mascara Review – Maybelline Sky High

Picture of Maybelline Sky High Mascara in package over a fluffy white background.

Hello, my name is Celeste, and I am a mascara addict.

I love mascara, always have, always will. My little mole eyes kiss me every time I use it. I have yet to succumb to the lash extension trend, but that’s because I’m happy with my eyelashes now, and I would probably still want to use mascara.

Enter the TikTok mascara. The viral mascara in question is Maybelline Sky High. In the videos, cool Gen Zs swipe the mascara on, and their eyelashes almost touch their brows. “I must have this” I mused. It was sold out online almost everywhere, but I finally got my hands on a tube at the drugstore.


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Maybelline Sky High Review


Pro: Definitely this is a decent two-coat mascara. One coat was really not impressive and two does make a huge difference and didn’t get especially clumpy.


Con: The thing I disliked most is something that I dislike about a lot of Maybelline mascaras – The rubbery applicator bends and moves with almost no pressure at all, which I HATE. I like to wiggle the wand through my lashes and it’s hard to control when it’s flexible like this. I felt like it was too floppy, and the bristles too short to really go through all of my lashes. (Also, probably some user error – but I made a mess with this one.)

I don’t really have anything else to say about this one. I wanted to love it! I’m so glad I didn’t buy two like I was considering!


Yours truly holding a tube of Maybelline SKy High with mascara under my eyes
I bought the viral Tik Tok mascara and all I got was this potato quality photo


So what mascaras ARE the holy grail?

You will be happy to know that my two favourite mascaras are as affordable or even less expensive than the Maybelline one! Not to be that blogger, but I quickly wanted to share my two best mascara tips!


Put Down the Waterproof

I started using waterproof mascara as a teen because that’s just what you do, and my first non-waterproof mascara left me with raccoon eyes.

Picture of Maybelline Sky High Mascara in package over a fluffy white background.
Waterproof was the only Sky High that I could get my mitts on


Years later, I tried switching back because my favourite mascaras were always crumbling, which isn’t much better, and they are a pain to remove. I was surprised to find that regular mascara left my eyelashes in much better shape. I wasn’t losing lashes on my makeup wipes every night, and they seemed longer and healthier.

Another reason to leave waterproof behind is that the lash lengthening claims of any mascara will be for their regular version. Any waterproof formula I’ve seen will have a reduced claim (i.e. 5 times the volume instead of 7.)


What about raccoon eyes?

Avoid using oily products under your eyes in the morning, try a different mascara that doesn’t cause a problem, and use the my secret weapon primer (listed below!)

Honestly even before the primer I was surprised at the lack of issue. I can’t remember the last time I used a mascara that gave me rings without being in a pool or crying. Maybe it was bad luck way back then, maybe formulas have improved, but whatever the reason, give it a shot!


Abstract Eye, Rainbow, and mascara tube.


Use Two Mascaras

This is a tip that I picked up on YouTube several years ago. If you want extreme length, volume, and definition use two different mascaras. The theory that was explained was to choose the same brand because different formulas would do different things. I can say 100% that this is false. I almost never use two of the same brand, I don’t choose one for volume and one for length, and I still swear by this technique. My personal theory is that having two brushes with different footprints is what makes this work.

There really isn’t an application strategy with this one. It doesn’t seem to matter an order or anything. Apply one immediately after the other and do one good coat of each, and then wiggle the wand around until I’m happy. The only thing I would suggest is not to use two brand new mascaras at the same time, because that would probably be too liquidy and make a mess. Fortunately you are unlikely to replace both at the exact same time.

Try it! It does sound a bit high maintenance, but it’s not really any more time or expense than doing two coats of one mascara.


On to the recommendations!


My Pricey Secret Weapon

Dior – Diorshow 3D Maximizer


White tube of Dior primer on a cream fabric background, on top of a sheepskin rug.


If you’ve tried lash primers and weren’t impressed, don’t scroll on by! I have tried a few different primers and nothing comes close to this one. The best part? At $37 CAD this seems like a splurge, but like Mary Poppins’ magical bag, this product will last you an entire YEAR. Are you supposed to throw it out before that point? Probably. I think there are guidelines for discarding all of your makeup, but barring any infections I don’t see why it can’t go until it’s gone. Personally, I have never had any problems. Typically I will ask for this for my birthday or Christmas, so with careful planning, you may never have to pay for it yourself!


Okay, why is it great?

Easy application: Absolutely no tricks needed! You can apply your mascara immediately after, or if you forget it for a minute, that’s fine too. Other products go right over top like it isn’t even there, but holy guacamole can you tell! I haven’t looked into its claims, but it seems to wrap your lashes and extend them without adding too much bulk, and while it is white, the colour is easily covered.


The eye on the left has been primed with Dior 3D


I have never met a mascara that doesn’t like going over it. No lumps, no clumps! I believe it is supposed to contain lash conditioners too, to promote growth. I haven’t noticed that, but my lashes are fine. My Mom also uses this product and has noticed growth.


My Top Two Budget Picks

….Are tied for first place to me. These are the cheap mascaras that don’t sacrifice performance!


Covergirl LashBlast Volume

From $5.99 to $12.99 CAD


You would be forgiven for not knowing exactly which mascara this is. LashBlast Active? Fusion? Full Bloom?? It’s in the orange tube. Not waterproof. Not “active.” The plain ol’ original.

Why it’s great:

Typically I’m not a fan of rubber bristled applicators, I like the traditional better, but this brush does apply nicely and provides good separation. The formula is very buildable and does provide great volume as well as length.

I’ve used mostly drugstore mascaras in my life and I always come back to this one. It just does everything you want it to do!

It’s also available literally everywhere. Tick!


Cons: When first opened, this mascara is WET. Like, this is a mess, I hate this, wet. Don’t write it off from first impressions.

The second con is almost unbelievable after the first. It dries out FAST. With daily use this mascara will last me a month. That’s not great. If you do the math, that means this mascara ends up significantly more expensive than even some luxury brands. Between these two cons there is approximately a 3 week window where it is GOOOOLD. There are points added for being able to run to any old store to replace it. It’s like old reliable.


The eye on the right has been done with one coat of Dior primer and two of Covergirl Lashblast


Avon Supershock Mascara

From $8.99 to $12.99 CAD


My other cheap pick, although not technically “drugstore,” is still very much in the same price range.

It’s funny that I say I’m not usually a rubber bristle gal, and yet here we are with my top two both being exactly that! Maybe I need to rethink my biases. This brush also has a great footprint. Unlike the CoverGirl mascara, this one is awesome right out of the gate and it lasts longer. Also buildable coverage that ticks the boxes for volume, length, and separation.

Tube for tube, this mascara is definitely my favourite. Great price, lasts, and performs.

Cons:  The con is actually getting your hot little hands on it. Avon’s e-commerce site is clunky at best. I’ve been locked out of my account for at least 3 years but I refuse to call them about that. I shouldn’t have to! Since when can a password not be fixed online? The other way to order is to find a rep in your area. Easily done via the website, or I prefer to look in facebook groups because you can see who you would like to give your business to. Still time consuming, and this is why LashBlast ties with this product. I can drive two minutes for Covergirl.

If you do find yourself placing an Avon order, go ahead and get a couple tubes, and the “Always on Point” eyeliner – another fave I tend to go without.


I traumatized myself taking single-eye mascara photos. This is one coat of Dior primer and two of Avon Super Shock


Buy Mascara Samplers


Sephora’s 2020 mascara sampler. So far out of this set I really like the Anastasia BH and Bad Gal Bang. I do not like the blinc mascara.


Every year I buy those holiday sample sets where all the little mini tubes of mascara are in one box to try. This is the best way to not only find new products that I like, but to have two mascara’s going all the time. I actually buy mascara very rarely outside of these sets, and like the primer, I often ask for this as a gift, so I don’t even half to pay for it! Sephora makes one every year, as does Shopper’s Drug Mart. 

If you do end up paying for it yourself, it’s a pretty great deal on some expensive products! Usually they contain 7 or 8 mascaras for between $40 and $50.

I actually prefer applying with a mini too, because it’s a little more precise. They are also easier to fit into your makeup bag, and less liquids for flights!


Try Lancome

A woman's hand holds a mini-size Lancome mascara brush between her thumb and pointer finger. She has the open tube in her palm. She has almond shaped nails in a wine colour.


It’s on the pricier side, but again the tubes lasts a lot longer than my drugstore ones. I think I like every single Lancome mascara that I’ve tried. They are awesome for being buildable and not clumpy. My absolute favourite is Hypnose Drama, but Hypnose, and Monsieur Big are also excellent choices! Bonus, you can usually purchase Lancome mascara sets or minis year round, so you can also try different varieties, and not just at the holidays!

Let me know your favourite mascara and I will definitely give it a try! Do you drugstore or splurge? (Also, if you ever want to feel weird about yourself, definitely take pictures of just one eye completely done up with mascara.)


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