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How to Find Good Leggings on Lululemon’s WMTM

Lululemon, a deal?

“Myth.” You say.

For a long time, I thought the same. They used to never have sales, and although I think that has changed, it’s still only an annual affair. What their website does have is the “We Made Too Much” page. Which is exactly what it sounds like, end of the season colours, prints that didn’t do well, etc.

How to Find Good Leggings in WMTM

I used to casual peruse that section looking for a deal and could never find anything, which made me wonder “How on earth people are getting nice stuff on WMTM??”

Enter strategy. Turns out I had underestimated the fandom. Good things DO end up on WMTM, but you can’t expect to stumble across them!


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Join the Lululemon subreddit.

If you aren’t on Reddit, you can still browse the subs. If you are on Reddit and you join this sub, PLEASE for the love of everything, make sure that your notifications are turned off. This group will bankrupt you by making you buy tennis skirts, and other shizz you never knew you needed.

So why join the group? It’s part of the strategy my friend. Re-stocks and new additions to We Made Too Much are religiously documented by our Lululemon lovin’ zealots, usually in a weekly thread where everyone can comment to add things that they’ve seen, and complete with links so you can click through and shop with speed and ease.

The group is also full of fit pics, so if you aren’t sure about a print or colour, this is where you can see it on a person.


Be prepared to move quickly

If there is something specific that you have your eye on and you just can’t bring yourself to pay full price, you need to be prepared to purchase it the second it hits WMTM. These items are final sale, so you need to know your size without a doubt, and be sure that you like the style. I recommend trying every style you are interested in at at one of their retail stores and making a note of your sizes. Pay attention to the fabric you have tried as well, as that can make a difference in the fit, and sometimes a particular pant will be available in more than one fabric.


When Does Lululemon Update WMTM?

WMTM items are added on Thursdays – typically mid-morning, and they sell FAST.

This is why the page usually looks like a collection of odd castoffs, because if you aren’t shopping on Thursday, the good stuff is already gone. The subreddit comes in so handy, because you can open the app, find the thread for this week’s WMTM (which is most likely at the top) and quickly read if there is anything you had your eye on. It is much faster (especially for anyone with a life or a job) because navigating to the page on the Lululemon website and then scrolling through the mix of old and new additions will take much longer.

Lululemon seems to add a few items throughout the day on Thursday, so check back from about 10am (MST) until after lunch.

If you’re looking for the coveted align pants (and most of us are) you can also go to the website, click “Align Shop” under the “Women” tab, and scroll to the bottom for the discounted gear.


Shop in the Middle of the Night

Say what? You really want me to lose sleep over this?

Nope. More deals for me!

I noticed quite by accident, that great deals were popping up between midnight and 2:30am (MST) and are gone by morning. I think it might have to do with the day’s returns being processed, inventory updating, or maybe stock coming back from retail stores. Either way, if you missed out on an item, there’s a decent chance it will pop up late at night. However, you will need to buy it on the spot and hold your breath until the next day, because sometimes they don’t actually have the product, and your order will cancel. So far I’ve only had that happen twice and it was on the same item in consecutive nights. (I did eventually score that sports bra though!)


Pay Full Price

Umm….what now?


I am a huge believer in quality over quantity, both for clutter purposes and environmental purposes.

Consider the cost per wear. A deal is not a deal if you are trying to fill a black align hole with grey sage leggings. If there is something that you really want and you would be upset to miss out, pay the retail price. It’s cheaper in the long run because you won’t need to buy other colours that also aren’t quite right, and you will get more wear. I always try to keep in mind the cost per wear on my clothes, and almost always the more expensive pieces are cheaper per wear.

They are still expensive. Buy what you really want for $98 or wait and hope they are $79. Either way it is an investment. A good example is my gator green camo print aligns. I paid full price when they restocked because they were ALWAYS sold out. As far as I know they never hit WMTM. I love those leggings. I live in those leggings. I wanted more camo leggings. They were totally worth full price and I almost didn’t get them.

Later, a different camo print went to WMTM and I bought them because I liked them too. I wouldn’t have died if I missed out because I already had a camo pair, but I still wear them all the time and I love them too. I was happy to have saved $20! If it’s between something you kind of like and something you love, don’t pay $80 for something that is okay. You wouldn’t do that anywhere else.

There is no risk in ordering. Lululemon has a great return policy on regular priced clothing and a super quick and easy online return process. If I’m not sure on a colour or print, I am more likely to order at full price. It can always go right back. On We Made Too Much, that is an expensive mistake.

Update! Since writing this post, I got two more pairs for only $69, in colours I wanted!

*A note about the WMTM return policy. If you receive an item and it is not at all like the pictures, or you feel like the sizing is grossly off, you aren’t completely out of luck. Reach out on the live chat, include pictures, and they are likely to help you out! I once accidentally ordered a pair of On The Fly Pants that were full length because on the model they were above her ankles. Turns out she was 5’10”. I included pictures because I thought it was misleading, and I was able to return.

Happy Hunting!


Still wondering if they are worth the price? Check out my other post: Are Lululemon Leggings Worth the Price Tag.

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  1. That’s so true about cost per wear. Everything I have from Lululemon is comfortable and great quality, so for me it’s definitely worth the investment.

    The only “issue” I’ve had were 2 shirts that lost their shape after the first wash. But these shirts are SO incredibly comfortable I wear one almost every day around the house, to layer over a tank top!

    1. I haven’t quite found a top that works from me there but I haven’t tried too hard to get a new addiction! Ha ha.
      That’s a shame about losing their shape, but I’m sure they would replace it if that happens again. Their customer service on live chat is really good!

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